Ageing of the wine

The barrel room is the heart of the winery. Refining in wood is very important for the ageing of wines, especially for Vino Nobile di Montepulciano.

The Historical Cantina

Within the winery there are two splendid barrel rooms. The first was constructed in 1972 and contains 160 Slavonian Oak barrels of 25, 50, 60 and 100 hl. It is located in an underground tunnel that is also visible from the outside via a window that faces the road. This is known as the “historical cantina.”

The modern barrel room

The second, more modern barrel room is also underground. It is about 2,800 Sq m and was designed in 2001 by Studio Rocchi of Montepulciano Stazione.
This beautiful room with cross-vaulted ceilings is divided into three sections and houses 250 Slavonian Oak barrels, which range from a minimum of 35 hl through 50 hl to 85hl. There are also 17 steel vats of 50, 65 and 170 hl, and of course French oak barrels and barriques.
This room is open to the public for tours, wine tastings and lunches.


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